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Greetings and a Warm Welcome from the Beautiful Campus of Westfield State University.

The city of Westfield offers individuals a peaceful, unique setting to live, learn and work. Nestled in the heart of the Pioneer Valley, Westfield is just east of The Berkshire Mountains and in close proximity to cities and towns such as Northampton, Amherst and Springfield.

For over 180 years, Westfield State University has welcomed students to learn without the barriers of race, creed, or economic status. With a campus environment committed to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, aspiring scholars engage in an accessible and affordable education and are supported by services characterized by a humanistic approach, where we respect and celebrate all individuals.

Throughout our history, we have been innovative in designing our programs to meet the needs of our communities. We have advanced as our social, economic, and cultural world has evolved. Students here participate in a broad range of academic, social, and developmental experiences, critical to their personal and professional growth and development.

Through partnerships forged with local institutions, businesses, and organizations, Westfield State offers tomorrow’s leaders the opportunity to help shape the economy of Western Massachusetts and beyond through experiential learning and opportunities for internships in a variety of areas.  Students develop relationships with exceptional staff, committed to student success from application to graduation, and faculty, who regularly partner with students in research and projects fostering creative activity.

Academic support services and resources are fostered through our Center for Student Success and Engagement, which provides students with well-rounded support, streamlined processes, and a space for collaboration with all campus community members.

At Westfield State University, we understand the importance of a well-rounded, comprehensive foundation of education and learning. We are also focused on providing relevant, purposeful experiences that help individuals succeed in an evolving, ever-changing work environment. We consistently examine the landscape of education by understanding the skills needed to make our communities, businesses and governments thrive and prosper.

We wish for our students to strive to live healthful, flourishing lives, steeped in purpose and not excess.  One where they commit themselves to do good – not just for their own gain, but for their community.  Graduates of higher education generally, and at Westfield State University in particular are sought out to lead people through these complex times, when our very health is at risk and the fragility of democracy is apparent. 

As president I am honored to lead the University as we develop and implement programs that provide a transformational experience for our students as we champion the strength and value of a public liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies education.


Linda Thompson, DrPH, MPH, DNP (hc), RN, FAAN

President Thompson's Biography

Selected by the Board of Trustees to serve as Westfield State University’s 21st president on April 28, 2021, Dr. Linda Thompson is the first black female to serve in this role since the founding of the institution in 1839.

State of the University Address

Westfield State University President Dr. Linda Thompson presented her State of the University Address on Thursday, February 1, 2024, to faculty, students, and staff. You are invited to watch her insights into future academic goals, enrollment improvements, division name changes, campus beautification efforts, Parenzo Hall's successful renovation, recent grants and scholarships, and the commitment to enhancing the university's economic health. We invite you to join us in year-long celebrations as the Westfield State community marks the University's 185th Anniversary.

President Linda Thompson

Strategic Plan

The Westfield State University Strategic Plan poses and addresses the question: What must students learn to investigate relevant issues in the Commonwealth and position the institution to address global change? Our plan responds to the practical necessity of preparing to educate students from increasingly diverse and engaging backgrounds. Additionally, it aims to offer opportunities for further education to the one million adult learners with some college education in Massachusetts and beyond. This will empower them to contribute to the public good by fostering a vibrant economic, social, and cultural Commonwealth.

We have before us infinite possibilities to shape the next 5 years of Westfield State University. I look forward to working together and implementing our collective wisdom.

Linda Thompson, DrPH, MPH, DNP (hc), RN, FAAN

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